Hi guys, I hope you are very well. Today I brought you another new part of my "Heart and Mind at Night" poem, since the other seems to like a lot and I hope that with this new part youy can also identify themselves.

The first part:


Mind - Here I am… again
Heart - You provoke me anxiety
Mind - But it is not my fault...
Heart - Partly it is ... It's the fault of the two
Mind - You know what ... you should follow what beats you and stop blaming me
Heart -You know what...You should move on.
Mind - I move on when you stop loving him
Heart - I will stop loving him when you stop remembering him

Mind - We are fucked
Heart – Maybe

Mind - Let's stop imagining and wishing
Heart - Let's do it real ... let's do happen.
Mind - You have to do what makes you beat
Heart – We know it, sweety

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