Hello, lovely people of the WHI universe. I hope you're all well and take care of yourselves, getting ready for Halloween etc. So I won't bother you with Halloween aesthetics, make up, costumes and stuff, I know there are plenty of ideas here, I've read dozens of amazing articles here so far (you guys are seriously brilliant)...but I would like to share some amazing classical pieces with you that really touched my soul and my heart. Classical music has always been my favorite, it's magical, elegant, ethereal, spiritual, so complex and somewhat mystical. Plus, there are countless interesting stories that explain how some pieces were born, honestly when you start digging there is no way back, and before you know it - you're falling in love.

Let's begin...

1. Bedřich Smetana - Vltava (The Moldau)

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A symphonic poem in E minor. It was composed in 1874 by Bedřich Smetana, a Czech composer who was naturally gifted, gave his first performance at the age of 6. He wrote operas, chamber music for violin and piano, orchestral music etc. Smetana used tone painting to describe flowing the River Vltava through woods and meadows, through landscapes where a farmer's wedding is celebrated, the round dance of the mermaids... Just close your eyes and let it take you to beautiful places in Bohemia.

2. Pablo de Sarasate - Romanza Andaluza Op. 22/1

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Pablo de Sarasate was a Spanish composer of the Romantic period (19th century). Andalusian Romance is one of the two dances he wrote. First time I listened to it I cried. It's energetic and very warm, but also sentimental and tender. It makes me think of a couple dancing, expressing their love that matures as the piece progresses. To me, this dance is a metaphor for life in general. It's really emotional, sometimes I get that heavy feeling in my chest, kind of sorrowful but than joyous again. It makes you think of the person you want to dance with.

3. Franz Liszt - Consolation No. 3, S. 172, Lento placido

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I could talk and write about Liszt's brilliance for hours and hours. This is such a delicate piece, when I listen to it I don't want to move because I feel like I might break it, which is impossible. It's soft, like a lullaby, like someone whispering to your ear that everything will be alright, so soothing and tranquil. It is written in D-flat major and initially marked as Lento placido. I'm a huge fan of Liszt's work and I highly recommend checking his opus entirely. One word: Lisztomania.

4. Antonio Lucio Vivaldi - Violin Concerto in A minor RV356 ( Op.3 No.6)

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This is such a dynamic piece, I don't know where to start. Vivaldi is one of the best Baroque composers and one of my favorites as well. Who would've thought that a genius like Vivaldi, with remarkable pieces and such a reputation could die in poverty, there's no justice in this world. What I love about this specific concerto is it's energy and dynamics. Powerful, colorful sound, you think it's going to get peaceful but nooo - it explodes again and it feels like an adrenaline rush. Honestly, I enjoy it so much, I feel like running. You can imagine Venice in 17th century and lively scenes unfolding before you.

5. Johannes Brahms - Op.49 No.4 Wiegenlied

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Also known as Lullaby. It was published in 1868, the Romantic period, by Johannes Brahms, a German composer and pianist. It was first performed by Clara Schumann in 1869. It has lyrics of course and it was dedicated to Brahms's friend, Bertha Faber, on the occasion of the birth of her second son. Brahms had been in love with her when they were young, and this is actually a song she used to sing to him. I can't help but think of some English town, it's late in the evening and the snow is falling so beautifully, it's mesmerizing and it feels like a fairy tale. You can't listen to it and not fall asleep. You know how they say to listen to classical music while studying? Well don't. Not this one.

That's it for now, I'll be back with more of my favorite compositions and I hope you'll enjoy listening to the ones from above. As you can see, the Romantic period seems to be the one I enjoy the most, but I'll try to find pieces from different periods and of different styles just to show how rich classical music is.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you had a good time and it wasn't boring. Have a nice day and a lovely night. Until next time!

- love ,she》wolf

cover image: Water Lillies, Claude Monet.