Hey , this is my first article . I speak German so English isn't my mother tongue so I'm sorry if there is any grammatical errors in the text.

Let´s start !!

Name : Maya Cruse

Her story :

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I was a siphoner and I was on holidays in Mystic Falls . Damon bites me and I was still alive. Elena saw me and she gave me vampire blood and killed me. Now I'm a Witch-Vampire hybrid.

Her appareance:

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long curly grey hair or two buns, always dark red lipstick, freckles, long eyelashes, light green eyes and always eye make-up

Her style :

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always black a band t-stirt and a skirt is a must.

Her personality:

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Her friends :

Nina Dobrev image the vampire diaries, ian somerhalder, and damon image Image removed black, grunge, and michael image

Her crush :

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Kol Mikaelson ❤️

Her Ex :

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Kai Parker

Her enemies :

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Tyler Lockwood
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Kathrine Pierce

Humanblood or animalblood :

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