Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I last wrote an article but the school has begun and I really have a little free time and I usually spend it chatting with my friends or doing workout soo busy life lol :).
I hope you're all doing well and I thank you for opening my article!

You may or may not know that I'm Italian and today I'd like to celebrate my language with a list of words that I find beautiful. In brackets you'll find the pronunciation. Hope you'll enjoy :)

ABBRACCIO (abbrattʃo)
Meaning: Hug.
This word has a soft pronunciation and I think it fits very well with the actual meaning.

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ANCORA (aŋkora)
'Ancora' is a word used for two different things. One is anchor and the other is again.

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GHIACCIO (ɡjattʃo)
This is a quite difficult word to pronounce for English people because it is composed of two sounds that are uncommon in English; GH and the double C. The last part of the word is similar to abbraccio.
Meaning: Ice

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CHIACCHIERONE (kjakkjeˈrone)
Meaning: Chatty
It is even more difficult to pronounce than the last one because is full of CHs and there are a lot of short and acute syllables

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SOLE ('sole)
Meaning: Sun

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GIRASOLE (dʒirazole)
Meaning: Sunflower
It literally means "it follows the sun"

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The End

Hello again! I know this is quite a short article, but I didn't know if you would have liked it so I preferred to give you a little part of it and then, if you'll like it, I'll write the second part :)

Thank you so much for reading it, I really hope you liked it!

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