• Pink Sky
city, pink, and new york image sky, clouds, and pink image
Cotton candy, Winged eyeliner, Dirty jokes, Running through fields, Cute buttons on a leather jacket, Getting drunk at 2am, Sugar-coated peanuts, Black nail polish, Sweet smiles.
  • Blue Sky
sky, summer, and sunset image blue, flowers, and sky image
Old movies, The atmosphere when it’s dusk, Dissociating, Coping with your problems by never thinking about them, Rain, Instrumentals from songs, Unrequited love, Old soul, The feeling of decaying, Soft hearts.
  • Orange Sky
Temporarily removed sky, aesthetic, and shoes image
Whiskey, Never talking about it, Was careless in the past, Old 80’s synth pop, Sickly sweet, Harsh make-up, Longs for a childhood, Clunky shoes, jewelery.
  • Yellow Sky
yellow, aesthetic, and grunge image art, black, and people image
Heartbreak, Birds in the morning, Wants to recover, Gullible, Mature because of trauma, Confused about a lot, Fake smile, Yellow converse, Sunflowers, Sobbing into pillows, Pills, The dreamy haze when you’re high.
  • Purple Sky
beach, pink, and sky image Temporarily removed
Loud music, Blocking the world out, Yells a lot, Black lipstick, Dark chocolate, Neon lights, Black Coffee, Open about emotions, Heart of gold, Wants to be loved, Plays electric guitar, Reckless, Never taught how to love people.
  • White Sky
black and white, palms, and palm trees image boy, happiness, and quotes image
Pondering at 2am, Being alone with your thoughts, Cloudy heads, Dancing in the rain, Whispers, Acoustic music, Sleeping through therapy, Old shoes laces, Recovery.