''We were born in this life and put in these situations because God knows we can overcome them'', that was how dad answeres me when I asked him how did he live without parents, money, or home. He said that at some point of his life he was blaming the universe for everything he was put in.
When I speak to him, he makes me feel hopeful. When I asked him what made you go forward he said he had faith that God will reward him with what he deserves.

A family, home, wealth, love, pride, friends, and serenity after loneliness, loss, homelessness, hatred, misery, and depression.

When I said I couldn't be like him he said you can only be like you, everyone is the best version of themselves in their perfect time; every time.

He said pray:

''O Lord
Do not make me a butcher that slay sheep, nor sheep that is slaughtered by butchers.
O Lord
Help me to say the right word in front of those with power, and help me not to say falsehood to win the applause of the weak.
O Lord
If you gave me money, do not take my happiness and if you gave me power does not take my mind and if you gave me success Do not take my modesty and if you gave me modesty Do not take my pride or dignity
O Lord
Teach me to love people as I love myself and teach me to account myself as I account people
O Lord
Help me to see the other side of the picture and do not leave me accusing my opponents that as betrayals because they disagreed with me in opinion.
O Lord
Teach me that tolerance is the greatest power, and that love of revenge is the first manifestation of weakness.
O Lord
Do not let me get bogged down if I succeed and do not leave me in despair if I fail, but always remind me that failure is the experience that precedes success.
O Lord
If you stripped me of money, leave me hope and if you deprive me of success, leave me the strength and stubbornness to overcome the failure. If you deprive me of the grace of health, leave me the grace of faith.
O Lord
If I hurt people, give me the courage to apologize, and if people hurt me, give me the courage to forgive
O Lord
do not forget me if I forgot you''

-Rabindranath Tagore
(he is the philosopher who
used to say these prayers,
dad used him as an
example of wisdom)