They say if a writer falls in love with you that you never really die. You'll continue to live on in their work of art. But what i didn't know was that everytime i came back to reasure everything was written like i wanted it that every little detail i've written about you would sting so hard. From the beginning i knew you were a bad idea, but i like bad ideas. It's just, you were eye-catching. Like you caught my eye right at the very beginning and i haven't layed eyes on anyone since you. But i realised that i started falling for you when i already memorised the sound of your laugh, the way your dimples form when you laugh too hard, the way your lips curve at every word you speak, the way you give me goosebumps even before your hands touch my skin or even when i swam in the blue of your eyes. How can someone be so mesmerizing? You could catch my attention even by doing just simple things. That's the affect you had on me. When i'd be just a few feet apart from you and you didn't even notice me, but i kept glancing at you. The way you covered your moth when you laughed too hard, the way you got shy which was the cuttest thing ever. Just you in general. That's how beautiful you were, just by doing the most simple things you'd still be eye-catching. And i hope to keep you in my work of art for a long, long time and maybe one day all of this will have a happy ending, just me and you.