Hey guys!

Happy Halloween week, I thought that it would be perfect time to share some of my favorite spooky/horror movies and videos!

Hope you will enjoy!

Image by S, 👸🏼
horror, movie, and sinister image
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''Don't breathe''
pennywise georgie it image
horror and annabelle image
california, woods, and netflix image
''Open house''
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''The boy''
lights out torrent, lights out movie torrent, and lights out 2016 torrent image
''Lights out''
Ghostbusters and movie image
movie, Nina Dobrev, and thriller image
naturaleza, paisajes, and chernobil image
''Chernobyl diaries''
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''The cabin in the woods''
gif, haunting, and hill image
''The haunting of hill house''
beauty, brunette, and pretty image
''Stranger things''
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''Vampire diaries''
supernatural, ryanbergara, and buzzfeedunsolved image
''BuzzFeed Unsolved Network''
alien, conspiracy, and monster image
''Conspiracy theories'' ( my favorite is of Shane Dawson)

Best regards xx
p.s. make a Halloween theme night, and watch horror movies with your friends, make some spooky drinks and food, have a spooky Halloween!