Hi, my name is Andra, as you probably know, and I am looking for a friend. I have no conditions, it doesn't matter where are you from, what gender are you or what age, although I would prefer to write to somebody around my age(13-18)

If you are interested, feel free to send me a message :))

A few things about me:

harvey kinkle, netflix, and sabrina spellman image Gotham, batman, and penguin image teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image Image removed
I love series-few of my favourites -I also like movies
boy and reading image book, coffee, and reading image
Vanity Fair, rey, and tlj image Image removed quotes, star wars, and Anakin Skywalker image gif, star wars, and kylo ren image
Star Wars fan
Image removed nature, lake, and mountains image autumn, fall, and fashion image Image by Fred
Outdoor person

Other informations
-I have a twin sister
-I like to draw/paint
-Love to listen music
-Ice cream-favourite
-Spending time with my grandfather in the countryside
-History & Geography-favourite classes

Thank you for reading!