Hello! I'm having holidays now. So I decided to write an article - what to do on lazy, boring holidays' days.

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1. Read a book ///I know it sounds boring, but you just need to find interesting book and you will see, how you can not stand out with her./// 2. Tidy, decorate your room ///It's very fun, in beautiful, clean room you will feel much more better./// 3. Create ///You can create everything - poem, drawing, sculptures, photos. It doesn't matter are you artist or you just a simple human - everyone has talent and can create what they want./// 4. Watch films or serials ///Yes, that's is a perfect evening - film, coffee or tea, biscuits and film./// 5. Give yourself new looks ///Do it just for fun and maybe you will fine yours new looks, which is lovely for you./// 6. Sport ///Just for fun or set goals for results./// 7. Travel /// Travel everywhere with people you love, this is an amazing activity./// 8. Go to every event in your town /// You need to use the chance and maybe you will find cool new things and have a great time./// 9. Make new friendships, meet your friends /// Just go and meet your friends for fun and better day./// 10. Make smile everyone /// Remember - happy world - happier you.///

I hope you liked it! <3