Hi! First of all I apologize, because I'm late with the publication of the article. I had a lot of things to do yesterday... excuse me! I assure you that it will not happen again.

So, today's topic is dramas and, in particular, Korean ones.
I love them. They are so cute and funny that you can't hate them.
I've been watching them for about five years.
I started by chance, that is seeing the television transposition of an anime I'd just finished. In fact, the first one was "Ouran Host Club", a Japanese drama of 2011... And, from there, a world opened up to me.

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Well... It's very demential.

So I started my travel in J-dramas' world. But they weren't enough ... I needed more serious stories, more real stories... stories that would have made my heart move...
I approached South Korea.
The first k-drama I saw was "I hear your voice" This drama's still one of those that I appreciated the most. It's well done, the story doesn't bore you, the protagonists are very good...
And then... I discovered Lee Jong Suk.

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Loved it.

My favorite genre is romantic, maybe mixed with a bit of mystery... but I must say that I do not have a favorite drama. I've appreciated many of them, such as "I hear your voice", "Master's sun", "Because this is my first life" "I'm not a robot", etc...

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Yeah, this is a funny one.
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Oh, my God... my feels!
air, asian, and couple image

Now I'm following a lot of dramas. Too many, to tell you the truth. But I hope to finish them soon, because the list of those I have yet to see is stretching a lot!

And that's it.
Thank you for reading!
Stay tuned for my next article!
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