"i'm so proud of you. i love you!"

this isn't something about myself. i know. but having someone and says that he/she's proud of you? damn, you're lucky.

to be honest, i'm a super socially awkward person. i can't express myself properly in public. maybe that's why my medium is through posting anonymously and poetry writing. that's why i'm the happiest when i achieve something and someone is proud of me.

oh, how i wish people are always like this. yes, i can do things properly. i'm even contented that i did it and i know people will be happy on it too but there's always that something that ruins it all. and that's the worth thing.

which leads to me overthinking. 'what-if' thoughts are starting to rise. regretting.

ugh, i hate this. i'm just gonna stop before i start to hate myself again lmao.

just a reminder, do the best to all the things. i know you have the capacity to achieve and make it. make someone proud of you.

love, sky