So let's talk about PRODUCTIVITY ! It's not a friendly word to me but it helps a lot . I am going to give you some of my tips to get SHIT DONE .

Stop procastinating

"I'll do it tommorow" , "I want to sleep a lil more" , "It's not that important " , "Fuck it " . Yes, those are the manifestation of lazyness which led to procastination . Let's take a look in the dictionary : PrOCasTinAtIOn , a self-destrutive behavior which stop a person to do work which is most likely really important and plan to do it later .
How to avoid procastination ? Well for me , it starts with these two methods :

⦁ _The pomodoro technique : work completly focused for 25 minutes and chill for 5 minutes . Do it two times for an hour or four for two hours , this one is perfect to revise or not too long homework . Timer are available on Youtube :

The 45 minute technique . Same but with 45 minutes with a 5 minute rest . This one is perfect for homework/assignment , it allows you to dive into your work .
A plus is to play some lofi music or white noises . It keeps you going and less stressed .

Here's some of my favs :


Do a "To-Do list " everyday if possible . For me , it's before going to bed so I know what I have to do as soon as I get up but also to avoid to sleep more cause I'll know I'll have a lot to do .
Set longer goals . For examples : per month , per trimester or semester , or even year . That way you always know where you are going and don't forget about your no-school related goals ( which are as important as the school ones ) .

Mood board

Or a vision board if you want . This is a material representation of your goals and dreams. Take the pics which embody the best your goals and stick them on your wall or ... . Somewhere you can see it everyday , you will unconciously always think about it .
Here's the pics I'll put in mine.

Here's also a tutorial

Early Bird

According to me , I am more productive in the morning . I always try to wake up between 5 or 9 am on holidays and two hours before school on school days. That way I get the most important tasks done in the morning .
But if waking up early is not for you it's fine , take a week or day planner and organize your day so you get everything done in time .

Get some rest and SELF CARE

Productivity is great but so is self care . Don't kill yourself at work , set some time in your day to take a break . It could be a tea and biscuit time , mask and tv show time or just walk outside time . You need to breathe and that's okay . Just don't use as a daily excuse .

***So that's it . You have all the keys in hand to be a more productive version of yourself . Work hard.****

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