Most of us go through our day almost involuntary. We have a routine we stick to, and after a certain time, we don’t think about each and every step. We just do. But, some habits aren’t healthy habits. Here’s a list of 5 important everyday things you’re probably doing wrong.

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After getting out of the shower, most of us grab our towels and dry ourselves off starting with our face. Your towel is made of a heavy, rough cloth that is not meant for the face. Our face has more sensitive skin than the rest of our body. Use a separate small face towel for whenever you get out of the shower or need to dry off your face to prevent blemishes, acne, and weakening the skin on your face.

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The best part of a shower is the hot water which makes you feel relaxed. Although it is the best part, it’s not the best thing for you. Switching between hot and cold water during a shower strengthens your immune system, clears your skin, and provides strength for your hair as well.

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Most of us don't specifically think about scrubbing our feet with soap after a long day. We assume that by standing in the shower or sitting in the bathtub our feet are cleaned. We walk all day and our feet are dirtier than visible to the eye. It’s important to scrub the bottom of your feet with soap and rub them with water like you do the rest of your body.

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Have you ever struggled with heating your food in a microwave? 30 seconds makes only half of it warm enough, and 35 seconds makes it too steaming. A little trick that most of us aren’t told makes a hole in the center of your plate to allow the microwave to heat your meal evenly.

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The most stressful thing about eating a burger is making sure all of its contents don’t spill out when you bite into it. Lucky for us, there’s a scientifically proven method that allows you to eat a burger in the most efficient way possible. But, not many people know about it. Hold the burger with your thumbs on the bottom of the burger, but place your pinkies underneath the burger instead of holding the top of the burger with four fingers.

I hope this was an interesting, lighthearted, and fun article for you to read! We learn new things every day and it’s fun to incorporate newfound knowledge into our daily lives to live a healthier and happier life.

_This article was written by @harshini_oruganti on the We Heart It Writers Team_