You only live once, so don't burden yourself. There are countless people suffering from great diseases, and many are those who have very little time left. If you're healthy, have enough food for a day and have a shelter on your head. You have more than enough to live a life.

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Stop thinking what others are thinking or doing. All you have is right now. Fill your life with peace, light and new energy. This is only the time where you can grow from a bud into a flower. Have little faith in time and most importantly in yourself. This is your life and no one has a right to make it work according to their way. No one has the power to change it.

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Remove all the negativity. Focus on yourself. Start looking for things that make you happy. Go ahead and love yourself. Learn to let things go. Set your goals. Dare to dream. Find your passion. Polish yourself in those fields. Try to take a risk. Try to think out of the box. Push your boundaries. Get yourself out from the comfort zone.

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There will the time where you will feel everything is over. Feel like crying over small things. It doesn't matter if you cry over things. I believe crying doesn't make you weaker it actually gives you strength to move over, gives time to think. It makes you work harder for the future.

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Take a deep breath and give yourself a break. Look around, moreover, try to make things work one by one. See what is going wrong and how you can turn it right. Try to live every moment because what you have right now is never going to come back. Happiness is the fuel of your soul.

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Happiness will never come knocking at your door. You have to get up and get out, start looking for it. There are times when we often lose ourselves while looking for happiness desperately. We leave behind the people who matter to us. We fail to remember that happiness can't be forced, or we can buy it from department stores. Happiness comes from within us.

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So many youngsters struggle with their mental health. The very common reasons are broken heart, loneliness, depression and comparing life with others become an anxiety.

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What we don't understand is that youth is the most beautiful phase of life. This is the time where we grow, we discover things from good and bad, we're, get broken and learn to get up. We laugh and cry at the same time. We dream, love and discover how to let things go. We understand the true meaning of life.

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This is the time where we can start a new whenever we want. We're young and should learn how to be wild and free.

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Do not lose hope, please believe that there are a thousand beautiful things waiting for you. Sunshine comes to all who feel the rain.
by R.M. Drake

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