You must be wondering WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. Calm down. Over the last two years I have been wishing you through whatsapp and insta etc. But this time I thought i needed to step up the game. So here you are reading your extravagant birthday wish on this God knows what website.


I always get this wrong but i dont remember EXACTLY how we met. All i know is that we were in 3rd grade. It was Urdu class and all the chairs were taken. So Luckily Maam made me share the seat with you. And then, at that right moment, we were unaware of the fact that Allah was going to make a friendship like no other. Its been10 years. OMG. 10 years. 10 EARTH YEARS. Alhamdulillah.


Image by Abdul Haseeb
you had your face printed on the cake. such a narcissist

I still remember your first birthday party i was invited to. I gifted you some plastic bowling game set. You were so happy with that gift. It was in KFC. We had so much fun there. we also played some games and performed some tasks. I won prizes for best dancer. WOHOOO!


Although we had fun in all grades, but i want to mention grade 8 specifically. First of all let me mention the highlights of all grades.

  • You come here, you come here, what did i say to you, what did i say to you, you shut up, you shut up.
  • Maam aii never did anything.
  • Haseeb did you pay for the assetsssss (Bindhu Maam)
  • She went in the room, she was dead.
  • so the QUALITY OF THE CROPS (Dharti maam)
  • ahaseeb: "Hey Moosa, lets run with vampire speed"

moosa : "Yeah. nice idea"
ahaseeb and moosa run with so called vampire speed
nayma maam is looking from the class window
ahaseeb and moosa start to panic
suddenly collin gomez pops up from nowhere

*ANd there is soo much more. I dont want this to get soo long.

i can continue to write and write and never stop cuz there is so much to say, but unfortunately I cant do that cuz we dont have infinite time so here is the conclusion;


Image by Abdul Haseeb Image by Abdul Haseeb Image by Abdul Haseeb Image by Abdul Haseeb Image by Abdul Haseeb

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and i hope you have a lot of fun. I just wish and hope that Allah makes us study in the same country or even school again. And also that Allah keeps us connected throughout this life and that which is coming.

I mean lets work hard and get independent so that we can maybe have A WORLD TOUR. Or maybe start a business. idk there is so much to do.Ahhh. so many wishes, and so less time.

Always pray to Allah that things turn out great. Happy birthday once again and have lotsss of fun.