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My greetings beautiful people!

I hope you are having great weak so far!
And that the rest will be great as well!

As I promised, I am bringing you the third and the final part of my Confessions.

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Here are the first two parts in case you missed them;

So, here is the final piece about my "silent suffering"...

The best vacation for me would be if I could forget about you.
This agony feels like infinity.
Tears are falling on my pillow, knowing your head will never lay there.
Everybody wants you, but no one like I do.
Could you give my heart a chance? Oh, if only I could tell you.
Not knowing is killing me, but hopefully less than knowing could.
Your blue eyes are my drug, and you are my dealer – and you stopped looking my direction…
Sometimes I wish I could wake up and forget about everything: what had happened between us, and what I imagined only might…
Can one die from unrequited love? If I make through this night, then I guess not. But I can not guarantee for my heart.
How is that you don`t notice me?
Why do I fall for guys whom I am invisible to; and why do boys I am not interested in fall for me?
Can someone be cursed in love; because I started thinking I am?
Little love…just to keep my heart beating…just a bit…
It is not fair…how can life be so cruel to me…to punish dreamer with unrequited love…is there a worse curse for the heart that only wants to love?
I don`t know how long I will keep this way – always living for your smiles, glances and few words…now they are taken from me…I will only get to see you, for moments – and not knowing when – my heart won`t handle another punch while I will look at you not looking at me…
If only I got a penny for every tear I spilled because of you; then I would have at least been rich.
You`re so cold…if only I noticed that before I wasted all my warmth thinking it could be enough…
I will just have to hope that „what goes around comes back around“: I would never wish for you to cry over me the way I cried over you – I would rather wish you would start loving me.
Could you ever grew a love for me; you will live forever – for the ones written about are immortal…And guess what – I wrote about you...
...all the time.
My black love…you are killing me…
So far away but so close…I can`t keep living like this.
I need you – need your blue eyes to look at me – save me.
Do I ever cross your mind? Or you are too tired from constantly running on mine.
Would you come for me if I was losing myself?
I can be so much more than what you know me as: and I would become so much more if you wanted me to.
I am silent but my soul screams for you every day and every night.
When I end up in Hell, I have feeling Lucifer will cry with me over my heart`s poor choices.
If only you would say something to me first and saved me…but I guess some dreams stay only dreams.
Could it be we were just not meant to be?
Where have I made mistakes?
I will disappear loving you…
This game of losing
is so confusing;
my mind is abusing
my heart already bruising.
I tried so many times to forget you, but every time I remember, and it gets harder to live with it.
I am tearing apart – I am addicted to you and I just can`t get off.
Everything I try to do to let you go just makes me love you more…
If only there was way…a pill, to stop needing you.
If only humans could live without hearts; I would rip mine out the day I met you.
If mental scars could only be visible on our hearts, I would arrange it to be sent to you when I die; just so you could see what you have done to me.
There is no healing…I am stuck too deep; fantasizing about you became my lullaby.
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Klaus knows...

First, I want to say thank you to everybody who read this - and two previous parts.

Other thing, here is a collection I created, also about "my blue-eyed boy":

And of course, as every other time before,feel free to message me.

And that would be all for now.

Thank you, again, for reading, and I wish you the best!

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For my blue-eyed boy, even though I know he won`t read this;

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`Till the next article,
Yours truly,