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What is your most favourite makeup brand?

MAC, Loreal, Catrice

What is your favourite cosmetic?

Bronzer, Eyebrow pencil, Concealer

Name the makeup brand which you always want to buy but your pocket does not allow?

Kyles Cosmetics, Jeffrey star, Bobi brown,

At what age you began to wear makeup?

I think I started when I was 12.

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What was the first beauty product you tried?

Black eye pencil haha.

Suppose, there is only one beauty product left in the world. What do you wish it should be.

Eyebrow pencil

How many eye mascara coats you put on?

I do not use mascara, I think my eyelashes are breaking when I use it.

Which hair dye colour is your favourite?

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Which brand´s hair daye you use.

I do not have one, I never dyed my hair by myself I always go to the hairdresser.

What kind of coverage do you like from foundation?


What is your favourite hair product?

Hair oil, dry shampoo, normal shampoo

What makeup tools you use while putting makeup


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A heavy makeup or a natural one. What is your choice in your daily routine?

That is based on my mood.

Do you like a lipstick only or use it with a lip gloss?

just Lipstick.

Do you wear fake eyelashes?

I would like to but I can not put it on.

What is your favourite drugstore brand?


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Name your favourite silver shampoo?

I do not use one.

What is your favourite perfume brand?

I have a lot, I do not use just one perfume brand.

Which eyeshadow pallet do you want to buy?

Kyles Jenners

What is your favourite highlighter?

One form Loreal.

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Which blush colour is your favourite?


What is your favourite colour of lipstick?

Red or a nude colour

What´s your favourite nail polish brand?

I have a lot of nail polish but I do not have a favourite band.

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