fairy and fantasy image Elle Fanning, flowers, and blonde image eyes, aesthetic, and beauty image hands, glitter, and aesthetic image
Blonde. Green-greysh eyes. High as a thumb. Sprinkled with fairy powder.


elf, ear, and fantasy image eyes, freckles, and blue image girl, forest, and nature image adorable, blonde hair, and cutie image
Pointed ears. Freckles. Deer Horns. Shy Smile.


dress, fashion, and flowers image aesthetic, aesthetics, and beauty image dress and pink image dress, fashion, and flowers image


aesthetic, feet, and light image Temporarily removed water and feet image nature and forest image

Make up

makeup, aesthetic, and eyes image stars, eyes, and glitter image flowers, aesthetic, and eyes image aesthetic, flowers, and eye image


book, flowers, and pink image hair, blonde, and cute image flowers, hair, and wedding image flowers, flower crown, and rose image
Flower Crowns


Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, Fairies, and fairytale image fairy, wings, and pink image fairy, wings, and beautiful image


hand, hands, and paint image fairy, flowers, and fantasy image art, levitation, and photography image nature, bird, and animal image stars, eyes, and eye image autumn, leaves, and fall image hands, light, and magic image hands, snow, and winter image
Water control. Care of plants and flowers. Flying. Care of animals. Developed Senses. Control of the change of seasons. Light Control. Ice Control.


gif, fantasy, and pan's labyrinth image
fairy, fantasy, and tree image fairy, house, and magical image fairy, garden, and aesthetic image tree, nature, and house image
Fairy Hollow


girl, hair, and flowers image flowers, sky, and pink image
Rhoswen, Flower's Fairy
eyes, girl, and brown image aesthetic, animals, and books image
Fay, Animal's Fairy
yellow, girl, and flowers image yellow, sun, and aesthetic image
Shaylee, Light's Fairy
girl, flowers, and aesthetic image blue, water, and indie image
Meri, Water's Fairy
girl, hands, and pale image tornado, nature, and grunge image
Verey, Flight's Fairy
girl, glitter, and tumblr image snow, winter, and snowflake image
Posy, Snow's Fairy
gif and black sails image aesthetic, gold, and glitter image
April, Pixie Dust's Fairy