Hello people!

I hope you are doing well!

Today I want to make a "Tag" who I found on WHI. I do not know why I am so upset with talking about myself hahaha. Just kidding I love to read Articles like that soo.

Here are more of my Articles.

Let´s goo

1. Styles

fashion, dress, and Fila image Image by kjvvv
I love dresses and skirts.

2. Colour

flowers, rose, and sunflower image fruit, food, and healthy image
I do not have a favourite colour, I like all.

3. Passions

autumn, fall, and book image coffee, city, and book image
I am taking photos of everything I have. Also, I am writing every first with my hands and then on the computer.

4. Animal

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed
Cats for life.

5. Food

Image removed Temporarily removed
I could eat Pasta all the time.

6. Lifestyles and Personality

Temporarily removed smile and happy image

7. Dreams and Goals

microphone, music, and sing image casas, decoracion, and diseno image Image by Fätÿ Hl airplane, clouds, and plane image

8. Movies

meme and reaction image sleeping beauty image

9. Series

Abusive image the mentalist image

10. Music

ed sheeran, 1991, and wallpaper image cyrus, malibu, and miley image

Thank you for reading.

All the love,
Cara <3