Hey hearters,
my friend Sharah and I decided to collab on an article and as a topic, we decided to do OUR fancast for The Vampire Academy. I am posting casting of the female characters and she will post male characters casting.

Sharah`s profile_

Rosemarie Hathaway

shelley hennig and teen wolf image Temporarily removed aesthetic and quote image beautiful, celebrities, and sexy image Image by 🌙zahra Abusive image
Shelley Hennig

Vasilisa Dragomir

ashley benson, pretty little liars, and pll image berlin, blonde, and germany image art, crown, and fashion image lissa dragomir, vampire academy, and blood sisters image blonde, blue eyes, and long hair image dress, fashion, and style image
Ashley Benson

Natasha Ozera

katie mcgrath image shoes, fashion, and heels image rain image katie mcgrath image actress, beautiful, and black hair image fashion, style, and hair image
Katie McGrath

Natalie Dashkov

sarah hyland image quotes image hufflepuff, harry potter, and loyalty image Image removed Image removed dad, daughter, and father image
Sarah Hyland - we decided to stick with her as Natalie, she did a good job

Sonya Karp

karen gillan, redhead, and doctor who image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed Image removed Temporarily removed
Karen Gillan

Ellen Kirova

Temporarily removed lips, red, and lipstick image boss, quotes, and black image Image removed Image removed nails, red, and fashion image
Emma Thompson

Mia Rinaldi

Image by arzu bitchy, evil, and funny image life, quotes, and words image Temporarily removed lucy hale, pretty little liars, and pll image attitude, bitch, and bitchy image
Lucy Hale

Thank you for reading! :)

Here is the Male Cast: