It´s been a while...
I won´t write a whole shabable here, I´ll just get into the actual article.

So, I really wanted to write something since it´s been so long, and the first thing that came to my mind was my playlist. It´s the basic article. But I love making them, sooo...

Now, a few of these songs might have already been on my other playlist articles because I´m one of those who keeps adding the same songs to new playlists.
Anywayy...my name on Spotify is Emiliadisa if you for some reason wants to follow me.

Birds don´t sing - TV girl

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Please, please, listen to this song! I´m in love!

Nellie - Dr. Dog

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I just picture a couple from the 60s. (If you don´t like the first verse of the song, listen to the chorus. It´s the best part!)

Back to what I know - NEIL FRANCES

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It´s not a very deep song, but the beat! It´s amazing!

Baby I´m yours - Breakbot, Irfane

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This gives me such 80s vibes.

Good Nights - Whethan, Mascolo

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I´ve loved this song for quite a while.

Why do you feel so down - Declan Mckenna

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This is my go-to song when I´m down. The title is a good fit.

Dance, baby! - boy pablo

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Once again, the title is perfect.

Told you so - Miguel

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Don´t really know why I love this song so much, the lyrics aren´t special. But oh Lord I love it anyway.

iSpy - KYLE, Lil Yachty

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You have probably heard this song. I smile when I hear it, so here it is :)

Katie Queen of Tennessee - The Apache Relay

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1940 100%

And that´s some of my best Feel-Good songs. Have a happy and good day!