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As Halloween is almost here I felt inspired to do an article about it. First of all, in my country, Spain, we do not celebrate Halloween, but, the new generations are in love with it and every year there are more people that celebrate it.

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I personally really like it, actually, I love anything related to costumes, make up, aesthetic, movies, books, or any creepy, fantasy, dark thing. So today I'll be writting about Halloween things, from creepy make up to books.

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Disclaimer: Halloween nowadays is just a party about all the death matter that is so widespread and normalized that it is part of our occidental culture. So, have fun.

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Costume and make up ideas:

1. Clairvoyant, shaman, enchantress.
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In this costume, excess is better.

Wear tons of accessories, feathers, stones, necklaces, bracelets, rings and little details. Paint your body and your face with strange symbols and drawings using dark colours. Add some glitter as details if you want some glam.

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Make up inspiration

For the clothes wear any long dark skirt, a pattern top, many handkerchiefs and big boots. Add any weird creepy accessory you found.

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Create your own version.
2. Fortune teller, seer.
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Make up inspiration.

For the clothes use something similar to the last idea, tons of accessories and jewerly, a lot ot handkerchiefs, a long skirt, a shirt with puffed sleeves and long nails. The difference with the last one is that here I reccommend you to wear brighter colours mixed with dark ones.

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Here you have an easier and more glam make up idea.
3. Warrior, viking soldier.
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You can do a more urban modern option.

Wear leather trousers, leather jacket and military boots. Add bracelets, weapons (arrow, daggers, swords, etc.), belts, mittens and you are good to go.

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Or you can always do a more viking alternative by adding feathers, furr and braiding your hair.

Paint some symbols in your face and arms, add some blood, some scars and any details you want like picking up your hair or metal accessories.

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Make up and details inspiration.
4. Plague doctor:
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This one is the easiest.

For this one you will only need a long black cloak, a hat or the hood from the robe, dark shoes and a plague doctor mask.

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You can also do this one with some friends

You can add details like, a pocket watch, a briefcase, steampunk accessories and any dark thing you want to add.

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You can always do a more glam femenine option by wearing a lace antique dress, adding feathers and details to the mask and wearing jewerly.

Thriller Books:

"Carrie" & "IT" & The Shining", Stephen King:
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Classics that never fail in Halloween. Oh, and, hope you like gore things.
"Murder on the Orient Express" & "And then there were none" & "A body in the Library" & "Three Blind Mice", Agatha Christie:
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Actually, any book written by Agatha Christie is perfect for this time of the year. Crimes, mystery and strange characters. A must.
"Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus", Mary Shelley:
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I promise you that the book is way better than any modern conception we have of this story nowadays.
"The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket", Edgar Allan Poe.
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If you don't know who he his, I present you to the Creepy King. Any of his poems or tales are thrilling and I fully reccommend them as well.

Horror Movies:

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This is one of my favourite thriller, horror, suspense movies ever. And it's very important that you watch it until the end. I promise you that it is not like most horror films.
The Conjuring
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Probably everyone know about these movies because now they are part of our culture, and when is better to watch them than in Halloween?
A Quiet Place
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This movie is not a horror one, but, it has so much suspense and creates such a fearful ambient that you will enjoy it even more. Also, those who do not like demon/hell/possesions theme movies, but also like some thriller, this one is for you.

TV Shows:

Teen Wolf
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If you love supernatural and dark things, but, with a touch of humour and teenage life, this is your show. It also has mystery, love and it is really well documented in supernatural matter.
This is my collection of this tv show. Now I'm not obssesed with it anymore, but my 15 years old self was, so...
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If you like zombies with a modern and "normal" life, this is your show. It has humour, drama, mystery, tons of brains and a peculiar main character. All, with a creepy ambient of course.
Penny Dreadful
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This one is way more dark and creepy than the other two. It has really famous characters (not talking about the actors) and a really mirk atmosphere. It is really good made aesthetically.
Here you have my dark collection specially made for Halloween.
And here you have all my articles.