So if you know me and my music taste, you know I love nothing but thieves, the Neighbourhood, Arctic monkeys and the killers. I always listen to the lyrics of song and here are some song lyrics i relate to. Hope you enjoy ^^

'It feels like a lifetime, oh god I don't think I can do two'
- Nothing but thieves, afterlife

'Well, my heart - it don't beat, it don't beat the way it used to'
- The killers, for reasons unknown

'I've got a hunger you will never taste
Craving a desire that won't go to waste'
- Nothing but thieves, take this lonely heart

'But you lit the fire
You lit the fire that burns
The fire that burns inside us'
- Circa waves, fire that burns

'And if you wanna shut down and pose as positive and
Hide smoking from relatives and
Rest on me
Honey, that's alright'
- Catfish and the bottlemen, cocoon

'I'm starting to think our luck could change
Some people fear the end
But I carry it
It's in my pocket, it keeps me safe'
- Nothing but thieves, reset me

I hope you enjoyed, you should defenitly check out this music, its reall good ;)
Have a beautiful day!