Sometimes I have to tell myself to just do it. Talk to that person. Talk to that guy(or girl!). Sign up for that event. Go that meeting. Join that team. It's scary, it's so scary. But it's honestly so true, nothing changes if you don't change. That's not to say you have go from introvert to extrovert, or from the loudest most social person ever to a reserved hermit who only speaks when spoken to. But go out of your comfort zone. And yes, I know, it's terrifying. I'm almost writing this to myself, as I'm really about to step out of my comfort zone soon, and I'm shitting myself.

I catch myself imaging how bad it's going to go, and how everyone will laugh at me, and how I am going to be all alone or that I'll suck at what I am supposed to be doing. But I realized all I'm doing is making myself hate and dread the event, when I should be excited for. Yeah, it's not a good idea to get your hopes too far up there, but it's even worse to constantly assume everything is going to be horrible and hate it before you even do it. Always give yourself a logical reminder every time a negative thought pops into your head. What if they laugh at me? Why would they laugh at you? If people are laughing at you for you trying your best, then something is wrong with them, not you. And more than likely, the things you imagine that will happen, never happen. And that goes for the good, but definitely the bad as well. If you are walking into a new environment where you don't know a soul, put on a mask, just for those initial few hours. No, don't change you per say. But if you typically tend to be reserved and shy, pretend for those few hours that's not you. No one will know! You're a blank slate. No one has any reason NOT to like you, and if they don't, that's on them. Introduce yourself. Be happy. Be a little perky. Smile. People gravitate towards nice and positive people. You don't have to go overboard. A little goes a long way.

And if it doesn't work, you tried. It's up to them to reciprocate your actions. So go out there, try something new, meet new people, do new fun things that you're interested in and comfortable doing, and then push yourself to go through with it and make the best of your time. Whatever it is, just remember that it won't last forever, and no matter what happens, it will always end up okay :)

I hope this helped at least one person out there. Let me know.