Do you wanna be a vampire as hot as Katherine Pierce for Halloween ? This is for you sweetie :

Here's how you can make vampire fangs on a budget and easily :

Stuffs you'll need :

  • White fake nails
  • Nail file
  • White dental glue

1 step :

You have to find the perfect match for your teeth , so try every nails and when you find the good one you can use nail polish if your fake nails weren't white at the first place.

goth, alternative, and pink image

2 step :

Then you have to shape your nails to give this impression of vampire teeth , so you can cut them with a scissor and then make them smooth with the nail file.

beauty, bitch, and game of thrones image Temporarily removed

Last step:

And finally you can stick the fake nails to your teeth with the white dental glue , you can find this dental glue everywhere , and it's better if it's white so we won't see it !

beauty, katherine pierce, and gif image

I hope it will help you to become a sweet vampire

— Sarah