the draft these characters come from
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the seat of a headless princess is a lonely throne to own

the palace

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is a cobwebbed Gothic castle with oubliette, labyrinth, & overgrown gardens filled with broken statuary & shabby topiaries. It used to float on a cumulus cloud, but I moved it to unspecified land.

the looks

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Daisy wilts in dissolution & wears a wig sometimes, at one point borrowing Louise Brooks's bob for a silent film cameo. "A halo of weeds & nettles laces her head, her visage scribbled over with rage & frustration ..."
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Rose-on-the-Fur is a young crone with blue-black tar-silk tresses & a nefarious grin "rouged an immaculate crimson of the black dahlia."

the activities

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With "much weeping & gnashing of teeth," Daisy copes with excessive sensibilities by writing, tending the gardens as a metaphor for writing, & getting lost in the fogs & labyrinthine convolutions of her mind; she daily has lunch, tea, & dinner with Rose, who acts as châtelaine of the castle, plays around with paranormal powers, & conducts alchemical experiments in the dungeon.

inspirational quotes

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bad vibes only

the closets

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Daisy's contains skeletons & mannequins & other old things: "an old brown knit coat with belled sleeves, a soft faux-denim skirt, strapped gray ombré platform high heels, shabby disheveled twinsets, cardigans over pleated skirts, sensible but oversized sweaters." Rose-on-the-Fur manages to wrangle some wide sweeping skirts.

the attitudes

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Rose is a spiteful bitch in black. Sad & alienated is Daisy.

the cars

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Daisy walks or takes a taxi. Rose-on-the-Fur disappears from thin air & returns in a gilt coach.

social media popularity

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Daisy barely garners any notes/comments/likes. Rose runs several troll accounts on social media platforms that allow gore content, which she uses in her "labors at extracting essences of violent fancies & dramatic death-swoons, distilling them into potions for selling & drinking."

notes in the margins

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but pampered wisps do not a cloth doll make (Rasputina's "Nozzle") why is Daisy forlorn why does she live with Rose why is Rose mean to her??? katabasis a self-imposed exile Daisy's false orphan state gives way to uncomfortable revelations about her identity. she clutches her chrysalis, a mourning veil. the cocoon swaddles her in ribbons. she finds herself molting, a renewal. the flare of a strutting peacock, its jewel-tones shimmering.
inspired by Modern princess aesthetic
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