To the people who read me, I had never felt such a sharp pain in my life as the fact that someone has been cheating on me, and more for all that entails this situation, I discovered about this person's cheat just the day of our anniversary, I saw a picture where he had sex with someone else and take pictures after making this aberration, what hurt me most was seeing the messages, as he wrote exactly as he did to me, the girl was madly in love with him and I was like an imbecile, he asked me for forgiveness a thousand and one times, he told me that he had never hated himself as much as he did that time but the hardest thing of all is not that.
The most difficult thing is to trust that person again, to love that person again after he spit in your face and he preferred to sleep with someone else, the most difficult thing is to repair your heart of that great wound, being honest, I think that always going to stay there like a scar that reminds me of how stupid I was to believe that my relationship was a fairytale, or really if there was real love, because of course I could forgive their infidelity, but how I overcame the pain and anxiety that invaded me since that day, how to move forward when now the only thing that gives you the person you love, are thousands of insecurities and desire to mourn.
Because being drunk is not an excuse to cheat, being drugged is not either, being angry less is, in fact there is no excuse to cheat, you are just a piece of shit more in this world and you deserve the worst of everything and more, you do not deserve love because there are no accidents and there are no coincidences in this life, I think that cheating someone is done consciously and without thinking about anyone else, it is crap that they come to invent you that does not mean anything and that they thought about while they were fucking with another, the only thing that this experience leaves me, really is that, distrust and pain because I can not do anything about it because they cheated on me, because at first it seemed like gold but as I got closer, I only realized that it was another piece of shit with golden paint, I want help, I want to cry, I want a hug and I want to forget all that happened, but sadly it is never going to be achieved because it is something that marked me all my life; If you have been deceived, I'm sorry and I know that you understand my pain, I send you my best wishes as I understand what you have been through or are going through. But if you're one of those who cheat, what kind of shit are you ?, how dare you betray someone who gives you the best of them just for one night, you should reconsider better being in a piece of shit.