Halloween...who doesn't love Halloween? It's the perfect excuse to dress up slutty and go get drunk, or maybe just put on a random costume and hang out with your friends somewhere calm. Or, if you're like me, just lay in bed with a big bag of chips and a lot of soda. Halloween means different things to different people, but today I'm here to convince you to dress up as a witch.

It's a super easy and meaningful costume. If you have a black dress or a black skirt with a black shirt/top/whatever then you're done. Just put some shoes that match and buy a hat (they aren't too expensive). Maybe if you like makeup you could do something really cool, but since it's a simple costume then it isn't necessary.

Also, and my favorite part, the reason we should all be witches this year: Witches weren't burn because they were bad, they were burn because they were rebels, free women. Because they wanted to be part of history. Because they wanted to learn, to educate themselves, and only guys were supossed to access education. Because they practiced abortions, because they didn't fit in the beauty standards of those times. Because they read books, because they wrote books, beacuse they taught other women. Because they dreamt with a time where women would be able to get everything we have now and more. They were burnt because they were wise, because they refused to be raped, because they didn't let them control them. They killed them because they were empowering other women to live the lives they wanted to, because they wanted freedom. They were a threat to the system. They were killed because they loved themselves and loved other women.

This is the type of costume I'd love to see this Halloween, I'd love to see girls all around the world embracing and honoring those women who died only because they searched for equality.