Yes, I know... It is the tittle of a song. I personally love this song. I know, I am the cliché girl that has anxiety. But this goes farther away from just saying that I have anxiety. This is all because I had skinny friends and well. I´m just not.

I have an obsession with my legs. Of course, I
won´t show them to you, not because I don´t trust you. But because I juts don´t want to. That´s all.

So, I feel like this is the only place where I can truly get my feelings all out. Because no one knows me, and I can be free to write. Writing is my life. I have some stories. Secret ones about how love will one day come to my door and I will finally be happy.

Things at home are not the greatest. My mom and dad want me to be perfect. When they just know I am not. My boyfriend is all right, but I´m in love for the first time. With the asshole that broke my heart so, how cool is that?

But what keeps me going is this place... I know I sound like a weird girl. But I´m cool I swear!