Hey there! It's April here!
THREE DAYS FOR HALLOWEEN!! Spooky that some of us still don't have any costumes to wear, right?

So, as I was thinking about some cool ideas for my halloween costume, I decided to post an article with my Ideas!! Wish it helps!

Let's start!! 👻 boooo

Number one: Riverdale!

loren gray and couple image
If you guys read my posts and know me...YOU KNOW I LOVE RIVERDALE! This is actually a great and simple idea.
Temporarily removed aesthetic, yellow, and riverdale image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Of course you don't have to be a river vixen, you can also try a Pussycat or a Southside serpent. Can also give the costume a bloody touch!

Number two: Superpower Girls!

beauty, blue, and costume image
Remember that show you used to watch when you were nine and you played in the ground with dolls? I loved thiss!!
90s, baby blue, and clothes image Image by Mel fashion, jeans, and green image blue, clothes, and clothing image
Simple and original!

Number three: The pink panther

pink, silk, and seda image Image by MANA
Another great show!

Number four: Ouija

beautiful, beauty, and celebrity image
Just like Victoria Justice, this looks pretty nice!!
ouija and Halloween image Halloween, ouija, and james charles image

That's all for today! Know there aren't too many ideas but I just thought about them and instantly wrote, forgot some of them. Oops! Haha.

Wish you liked! Thanks for reading and hearting, if you did! ;)

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