1. Breakfast on a balcony

paris, breakfast, and travel image paris, breakfast, and food image girl, breakfast, and paris image paris, champagne, and breakfast image

2. Shopping

hermes, orange, and flatlays image bag, chanel, and fashion image brown, flowers, and gold image vanille image

3. Palaces

versailles and france image art, museum, and versailles image art, louvre, and museum image architecture, france, and glass image

4. Museums

aesthetic, art, and museum image mona lisa and 90’s image art, black and white, and museum image art, louvre, and mood image

5. Fall in love

Temporarily removed love, couple, and paris image Temporarily removed couple, dancing, and fashion image

6. Disneyland Paris

Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed castle, disneyland, and dragon image

7. Sidewalk cafe

coffee and girl image food, coffee, and croissant image city, travel, and aesthetic image architecture, buildings, and cafe image