Hey guys! I'm Marcela and today I'm gonna write the day 11 of tag "30 Days Writing Challenge". I hope you guys like it and can get to know me better!

Day 11: Something you always think "what if" about

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I always think "what if" to things in the future because I don't like to think it to things in the past just because no matter how much I think about it, I can't change anything.
So I think so much before finally make a decision in my life. Think a lot can make the things lighter but I suffer in advance too.
But, in general I think so much "what if" about my life could be if I finally do all the things I've never do just because of my fear/anxiety.

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One exemple of it is the fact I never had a boyfriend because I have afraid to fall in love and broke my heart. Every time I think "and if I was not so afraid of being disappointed" and "why is so difficult to me trust a guy can makes me happier".
Sometimes I think how many times I choose keep my life in a comfort zone because I was so afraid to try and then i thought "what if I've met that guy better?"

So guys, this is about what I think "what if". I hope you like it because I open my heart and I just talk this to my closest friends. Thank you for read my article and for your patience with my english, I'm still learning.
Stay beautiful!