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About Him

Kristoffer Dewey
Kristoffer is a norwegian name. It means the dark god of all weak humans.
His friends call him Kris.
May 13th


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He has dark brown curly hair, somnolient hazel eyes and pale skin. He is also slim and fit.


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He has more than one, but less than ten. The one he likes the most is the one of the two snakes, one of them black, and the other white. It represents life, because it is those two colors tangled and mixed, creating different shades.


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People born with their sun in Taurus are well known for being practical and have a reaslistic perspective. Taurus is also the sign that enjoys all kind of pleasures,


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He is a bit perfectionist and judgemental. He can often come as rude or cold, but is just really sensitive. Kris is also very calm and always protects those he loves.


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He is afraid of ghosts and spiders. Kris hates the idea of feeling lonely. Whenever he finds himself trapped in big crowds he feels like he can't breathe.


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Kris always wanted to travel. He loves cinematography and is always reading about philosophy and astrology.


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Kristoffer loves comics. He feels weak arround flowers and fairy lights. He loves the curves and edges of women anatomy.


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Even if he tries, he can't stand his adoptive mother. Kris hates bullies and 'cause of that he gets in lots of trouble. He, also, hates the smell of cigarettes. Dislikes stereotypes and cliché a lot.


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Kris likes to draw and take photographies of everything he likes. He has been practicing skateboarding since he was eleven years old. Spends his free time writing.


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He tends to talk in is sleep and scratch his neck. Kris moves his head to get his hair out of his eyes. He puts on his headphones whenever he feels lonely or upset.

Howarts House

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Slytherins tend to be ambitious, shrewd, cunning, strong leaders, and achievement-oriented. They also have highly developed senses of self-preservation.


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Kris wears a lot of hoodies and black jeans. He also loves pastel and soft colors, plus jean jackets.



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Alice and Carter Dewey are his adoptive parents. They adopted him at the age of fifteen, when they were twenty. He loves his father, admires him, but has come to hate his mother over the years.


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Erica, Ryan and Sienna are the most loyal people he ever met. Sienna and Ryan come from the same orphanage he came and the three of them grew up together. They met Erica at their new school and clicked right away.


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Kris has a huge crush on a senior guy, but doesn't want to admit it. His name is Austin. He is kind and has a cute smile that melts Kristoffer's heart.
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He also has a crush on his philosophy teacher, but it's an innocent one. He admires his knowledge and loves the way his mind works.


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He has a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


Color: Burgundy

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Song: feelings are fatal by mxmtoon

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Artist: The Neighborhood

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Movie: Fight Club

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TV Show: The Sinner

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Book: Demian by Hermann Hesse

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He has invisibility and can control minds, but it's a bit difficult to him.


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