the change from fall to summer can be a little difficult. being used to being outside all the time during the summer with all these activities available to almost everything closing down in the fall, it can be hard to find fun things to do. so here are a few ideas to do with your families && friends.

go to a pumpkin patch 🎃

carving pumpkins is only the beginning of the fall season. you can always have contests on who has the best carved pumpkin. or even make pumpkin pies and have a contest with those.

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decorate for halloween 👻

once october hits, it’s spooky time! have fun with scary decorations around the house. you can even theme your room for the season!

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find a halloween costume 👯‍♀️

halloween is the one day you can be whatever you want. && wether you decide to go solo or match with your friends, it’s always a lot of fun to dress up.

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movie nights 🎥

the fall is only the start of movie nights. since it’s start to get chilly outside it’s a perfect time t start cozying up indoors with good movies and friends. rent out some spooky movies and buy some snacks!

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make fall related treats && drinks ☕️

things like pumpkin spice lattes, pie, cookies and other goodies are great ways to get into the fall spirit.

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go to a haunted house 🏚

if you’re into this kind of stuff, of course. bring friends && make it memorable!

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whatever you decide to do this fall season, make it fun. add your friends && family into the mix && you’ll make it so much better.

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Yari ♡
Yari ♡