My sleeping beauty..
I hope you're dreaming of me tonight..
I hope you fall asleep with the thought of me loving you.
We don't have to wake up from this dream..
We can just sleep forever..
Just you and I.
Forever and in eternity..

I think I saw you in a dream, my love.
The girl of my dreams who kept my mind occupied.
The girl who I wish I would dream about every single night before I fell asleep.
The girl who made my heart skip and made me smile in my unconsciousness.

My mind kept chasing after you..
Like how I'd used to chase the clouds and the moon as a little child.
I am convinced I've met you in my dreams before, darling.

You were the girl of my dreams whose face I couldn't recognize.
You were the one who made me wish to stay asleep forever so the vision of you would never disappear out of my head.
You were the one who made me kept looking for you in the real world.

I was searching for you till I got tired and fell asleep again.
And there were you standing in front of me, once again, making me feel things I've never felt before.
I've searched for you my whole life.
And now after all those years, looking for you in my dreams and the real world, I have finally found you.

I had a vision about you, my love.
You were a vision that brought tears to my eyes.
You were breathtakingly beautiful.
I believe that no words in any language could ever describe how I felt for you when I saw you in my dreams.
You were a vision that became real.

I think I've laid my eyes on you before I even met you in this world.
I think we were meant to find each other through my dreams of you.
I think I've fallen for you before you were fast asleep every single night.

My sleeping beauty, I was meant to find you in my dreams.
I always hold my breath while looking at you.
You're so fucking beautiful.. that it hurts.
I feel the pain right in my chest, but it's oddly satisfying.
This pain keeps me alive somehow.

You're fast asleep..
And you look so incredibly peaceful and precious.
So fragile and vulnerable.
I can't take my eyes off you..
I don't think I ever want to take my eyes off you either.
I'm fighting the urges of my body wanting to fall asleep on you.
I'm trying my hardest to stay awake so I can watch over you forever.
Now I'm too busy falling for you instead of falling asleep..

I love you.

Your beloved and your one and only.
- M.