There are soo many names that iI like! Ideally, I think I would like 5 kids, 2 girls and 3 boys. But who knows! So I'll list my top 6 favorites of each, and their meanings.


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Bay-sea inlet One of my favorite TV characters names was Bay, but I love bodies of water so this name has more meaning than just that.
Delia-person from delos I love the name Delia. I first heard it in the Nancy Drew movie, and absaloutley fell in love with it.
Hazel-the hazel tree I just love the name. Also,I have hazel eyes.
Opal-precious gem The opal is my favorite stone from my favorite month.
Jael-wild mountain goat I discovered this name from a contestant on Americas Next Top Model. She was from my state and I loved her personality a lot! Then I looked up the name and discovered it was Biblical! Thus, I was hooked.
Willow-from the willow grove Ah, Willow. I just think it's so cute.


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Edward (Ed)-wealthy guardian After one of my favorite book characters.
Allistair-defender of the people This is a family name.
Ronnie-powerful After my bestfriend, Veronica
Asher (Ash)-happy After one of my favorite book characters, Asher from The Giver.
Aaron-strong I've always loved how strong this name sounds! Come to find out it actually means strong!
Cedric-created name This is another family name.

Thanks for reading! xoxo