So, tell me something? How many times have you said to yourself that you're done with the whole "love" thing just because they broke your heart? How many times you said that you won't fall in love again 'cause you know it's a trap? How many times those guys fooled you into thinking that you finally found the one only for them to walk away in the end? Well..let me answer these questions for you..too many.

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You know, there's this girl I know, that her friends are always saying how beautiful she was..but she always seemed to be alone..she didn't want to fall in love because she knew that in the end they are not gonna stay. Once she met a really nice guy, they got out a lot, they were really good friends, he was there for her when she needed him and she felt like she could talk to him about everything. One night when they got out, they talked about their true feelings to one another..they both felt the same..that moment was the happiest of all for this girl, but things didn't go as she imagined.

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The next day after their confession, the girl texted him good morning but he didn't answer..she thought that maybe he was too busy with work or something, but as the days went on and the hours passed, he wouldn't answer..the girl would contuniued texting him reply ever came. So what did the girl do after that? Nothing..he just proved her that he was one from the many, that people never stay..she once again believed that love is just a trap.

Image by Anna Poghosyan