Heyy! Today i wanted to share with you my favorite phone apps, this includes music apps, game apps, and random apps.

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The love of my life and where i have the most of my friends (yeah, i know, sad). It's full of weird shit and cool pictures.

The second love of my life.


I use this app to listen to music 24/7, the bad thing about it is that you need to pay for a lot of options that you dont are able to do if you dont pay monthly, but it still my fav for music

Aaahhh… this one… I’ve been loving it lately. I personally use this one when I cant find certain song on Spotify, and it works without wi-fi

This app is literally a life saver… you can be in the shopping and suddenly a song you like but don’t know the name starts playing, so, what this amazing invent does is that, after hearing and processing the song, tells you the name of it and the artist, it’s awesome!


This one is definitely my favorite when is about inspo. It has everything, whatever you’re looking for.

We heart it
Well… obviously, but unlike to pinterest, I use this one for pretty pictures, more aesthetic I would say, no inspo, just for fun.


Temple run 2
This game has been my favorite since… always, pretty much. The name says it all. You have to run and avoid obstacles, it’s cool and entertaining.

Helix jump
This is so vicious. Just play it.


This is an app for women, it’s a calendar for your period, and honestly, it’s super useful.

Is like musical.ly, but better. You can lipsync to dialogues, songs or just weird noises, I love it.

A reading app that i use mostly for fanfictions, but it has a lot of good stories/novels.

Well... that's pretty much what i have for you today...
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