saw an article for this a while ago and I thought it looked so fun, but I have only just gotten around to making it! hope you enjoy and find some new songs through this :) <3

1: a song with a colour in the title

troye sivan, blue, and boy image Lyrics, troye sivan, and blue image
blue - troye sivan

2: a song with a number in the title

5sos, calum hood, and luke hemmings image Image by 🫐
18 - 5sos

3: a song that reminds me of summer

dua lipa, aesthetic, and celebrity image dua lipa, black and white, and singer image
new rules - dua lipa

4: a song that reminds me of someone I wish to forget

the, vamps, and bradley will simpson image the vamps, tristan evans, and james mcvey image
all night - the vamps

5: a song that needs to be played out loud

black and white, demi lovato, and b&w image demi lovato and smile image
sorry not sorry - demi lovato

6: a song that makes me wanna dance
literally every song makes me wanna dance!! but at the moment its..

Image removed brendon urie, P!ATD, and panic! at the disco image
high hopes - panic! at the disco

7: a song to drive to

cars, disney, and disneyland image cars and disney image
life is a highway - rascal flatts

8: a song about drugs or alcohol

vodka image girl and drink image
last night (beer fear) - lucy spraggan

9: a song that makes me happy

Image removed Image by arelysuarez
nobody compares - one direction

10: a song that makes me sad

Temporarily removed dj, david guetta, and dangerous image
titanium - david gutta ft sia

11: a song I never get tired of

harrystyles, louistomlinson, and zaynmalik image one direction, best song ever, and song image
best song ever - one direction

12: a song I like from the 80s

Temporarily removed Image removed
I wanna dance with somebody (who loves me) - whitney houston

13: a song that i'd like to play at my wedding

dress, fashion, and wedding image couple, couples, and goal image
true colours - anna kendrick and justin timberlake

14: a song that I like thats a cover by another artist

beauty, fashion, and music image beauty, fashion, and music image
we don't have to take our clothes off - ella eyre

15: a song thats a classic forever

will smith, whatever, and 90s image bitch, fabulous, and will smith image
fresh prince of bel air theme - will smith

16: a song i'd sing with a duet

Temporarily removed justin bieber image
beautiful - carly are jepsen and justin bieber

17: a song that makes me think about life
this one may seem a bit odd but when very i hear it i get really nostalgic and sad

Image by queen Temporarily removed
we rock - camp rock

18: a song that has many meanings to me

i fully count not find a song for this one 😅😂

19: a song with a persons name in it

lily allen, singer, and perfect image Image removed
alfie - lily allen

20: a song that moves me forward

Image removed Image removed
shout out to my ex - little mix

21: a song i think everyone should listen to

again i couldn't think of one, sorryyyy

22: a song by a band i wish was still together

Image removed Hot, singers, and attractive boys image
they don't know about us - one direction

23: a song i like by an artist no longer living

Amy Winehouse, amy, and music image Amy Winehouse image
valerie - amy winehouse

24: a song that makes me want to fall in love

boy, couple, and girl image boy, girl, and goals image
you and i - ingrid michaelson

25: a song that breaks your heart

girl, lily collins, and to the bone image skin, smoke, and Effy image
another empty bottle - katy mcallister

26: a song by an artist whose voice you love

ariana grande image hair, lavender, and ariana grande image
one last time - ariana grande

27: a song i remember from my childhood

hannah montana and miley cyrus image Image removed
who said - hannah montana

28: a song that reminds me of myself

hair, flowers, and blonde image fashion, outfit, and style image
dreaming - smallpools

29: a song from a movie

high school musical, reaction, and reaction pic image high school musical, disney, and vanessa hudgens image
we're all in this together - high school musical

30: a song from a series

Image by So greys anatomy and mertina image
how to save a life - greys anatomy

and that is all! omg that took so much longer than i thought it would, it was also so much herder than i expected but i hope you enjoyed it anyway! <3