Being Instagram one of the main social media of these days, it's a great idea finding inspiration even there. Sometimes we use instagram oversharing our life there, while we should just consider it as a platform where to share creativity and art in all forms. Talking about that, there are some profiles that are really worth of a follow, everyone with a different theme.


f1, formula 1, and lewis hamilton image couple image

He's a formula 1 rider of the Mercedes team, also one of the sponsor of Tommy Hilfiger. He's lifestyle is amazing and he posts photos about his work, about his passions such as motorcycles, other sports and fashion.


danielle peazer, fashion, and fitness image athlete, dancer, and danielle peazer image

Known for being one of the back dancers of many singers like Justin Timberlake in their tours, Danielle has a profile where she shares her love for dance along with wonderful outfits, reflessions about life and health.


photography, photoshoot, and selfie image photography, photoshoot, and selfie image

Definitely my favourite travel influencer on Instagram. Her pics are amazing and each une is different from the other. Being both a travel blogger and a photographer she always shares hacks on travelling and doing photos while travelling.


Elle, fashion, and magazine image bohemian, boho, and colors image

This is the page of a magazine that I discovered this summer while I was in Liverpool. I loved it from the first time I read it and I freaked out when I saw the instagram profile. It's full of beautiful landscapes and general culture information.


school, study, and notes image pencil, school, and colors image

I've actually followed this profile on Instagram just a little time ago but I use to watch it's videos on youtube all the time. The account is inspirtional even just looking at it, while if you want real tips on study it's better go and watch the videos.


lucky blue smith, stormi bree, and gravity blue image pretty and stormi bree image

Amazing singer, mum of Gravity and super aestethic instagrammer. I love her photos and videos of her daughter and also is so inspirational seeing such a young lady being a wonderful mum and full of energy.



Yep, that's me. I have in fact to keep inspire myself in order to stay sane in a certain way, don't I? If you want to be part of my daily adventures follow me on my instagram, I am @matildebattisti . Also a big project coming up in a week so stay tuned!

Love to all,