In halloween spirit i decide to make a "if i were" Witch addition so well here it goes
P.S.When i made this i was thinking of Waverly place so put that in mind.

Name: Alexa Wright
Age: 17 years old
Power: She has a wand so basically anything


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Abusive image
She hasDark coloured hair, a very very dark brown almost black and has the same colour for her eyes. Her body type is petite, normal weight and not skinny. She has a lot of tattoos.


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She puts her wand on her boots at all times and when she isn't wearing boots its because she doesn't need her wand


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In action

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When she is in action to save the world her hair turns a light colour of pink with some hints of orange and yellow. Her eyes turn one dark grey and the other purple and she appears like in the picture. In action she wears an all black outfit and black boots


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Alexa has a pet cat name Freckles, a dog named Zoey and an adorable bat


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She has 2 best friends Aster Talbot and Nina Norwood


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Photography, gardening, writing, drawing and painting, baking, travelling.