Name: Astrid Rosier, born; Astrid Widmark

Birthdate: April 12, 1838

Birthplace: Gothenburg, Sweden


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Brown hair and green eyes.


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She was born in Sweden in 1838 and in 1858 she crossed the Atlantic and moved to the United States to get away from her abusive father and to start a new life. Once there she had trouble finding a job and a place to stay. After three months she had finally gotten a job as a housekeeper. What she didn't know then was that her employer was a vampire who was feeding of off her and compelled her to forget. One night when she was at a bar she got dragged out and beaten to death. However, she died with vampire blood in her system so it didn't take long until she woke up and slaughtered the ones who were involved in her death. The first decades after her transformation were very hard for her. She couldn't control her anger nor her thirst, resulting in her killing multiple people a day.


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She is always wearing small glamorous dresses and high heels.


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She's currently living in a penthouse in Las Vegas.


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Besides drinking blood, she also spends her time drinking alcohol, doing drugs and sleeping around. She parties almost everyday and everyone in Las Vegas knows who she is.


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She's manipulative, she has a strong will and she always gets what she wants. She stopped caring for people a long time ago and often lets her anger get the best of her, but she isn't killing people as often as she used to. It doesn't show alot but she has a soft spot for abused children, since she once was one herself.

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