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This is a complete list of shows that I personally think are great to binge-watch if you have free time or if you just need something to watch every day to wind down from work, school, etc. These are all shows that I've seen before and that I've loved.

Also, feel free to message me about more shows to binge-watch because I very much love watching shows, movies, short films, etc.

Now that I've said 'etc.' twice... let's start the article!

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Shameless [ 8 Seasons ]

chicago, family, and gallagher image Image by tenderlygirl
this show centers around a family known as the gallaghers while they struggle to make ends meet. the oldest sister, fiona, has to take care of her siblings because their mother ran off and their father is an alcoholic deadbeat. overall i think that this show is for a more mature audience, but it's still pretty realistic and is one of my favorites to binge-watch time and time again.

Big Mouth [ 2 Seasons ]

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this show is about a group of middle schoolers going through puberty and is based upon the real-life happenings nick kroll and andrew goldberg who are the creators of the show. once again, i would reccomend this show to a more mature audience because although it is centered around kids, it can come off as pretty vulgar at times. after all, this is an animated show made by adults for adults.

The Office [ 9 Seasons ]

the office, funny, and quotes image the office and pam image
this show is a mockumentary about a bunch of people who work at a paper company dealing with their eccentric boss. this show is pretty much for anyone and is absolutely hilarious. the storyline is amazing and this is one i can watch again and again.

That 70's Show [ 8 Seasons ]

Inspiring Image on We Heart It that 70s show, ashton kutcher, and Mila Kunis image
this show is about a friend group growing up together during the 70's. this show is hilarious and the storyline is amazing. also, i would just like to point out how incredible the outfits and hairstyles on this show were!

Grey's Anatomy [ 14 Seasons ]

grey's anatomy, meredith grey, and meredith image grey's anatomy, grey, and meredith image
this show is centered around meredith grey and a bunch of surgeons. this show is funny, dramatic, romantic, etc. it's the perfect show to watch a hundred times over! this is seriously a classic and everyone should watch the show through at least once. warning: there is character death in this series so try not to get overly attached to characters even though that is an extremely hard thing to ask of anyone.

The Vampire Diaries [ 8 Seasons ]

Image by anton.british Image by 🌻✞Spring Girl✞🌻
this show is centered around elena gilbert whose parents just recently died in an accident. she meets stefan at school that year and it becomes apparent that her life will never be the same. this show showcases vampires, werewolves, hybrids, witches, doppelgangers, etc. the storyline is one you HAVE to pay attention to because, let me tell you, once you're like 4 seasons in, it is very difficult to describe to anyone around you what is happening in the episode you're watching because they have to know the entire backstory to understand what's happening.

The Originals [ 5 Seasons ]

Image removed Nina Dobrev, ian somerhalder, and the vampire diaries image
this show is a spin-off of the vampire diaries and is centered around the first known family of vampires. hence why they are called 'the originals.' i would recommend watching the vampire diaries before watching this show because the whole backstory is explained in the vampire diaries. this one is just as good as the vampire diaries!

Glee [ 6 Seasons ]

Image removed glee, brittana, and naya rivera image
this show is about a group of awkward misfits who join a club to sing. the club grows and grows and these teenagers find themselves and their voice. this show is funny and dramatic and romantic at points. overall this show is a classic and one that i've watched plenty of times!

Skins [ 7 Seasons ]

skins, Effy, and pandora image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
this show follows a new group of teenagers every two seasons. my favorite generation is the second one. this show follows the teens as they grow up and make bad decisions and good decisions. this show is pretty vulgar at times and i would only recommend it to a mature audience even though i watched it in middle school. there are a few triggers i should mention like eating disorders, underage drinking, drug use, etc.

The Inbetweeners [ 3 Seasons ]

the inbetweeners, friend, and simon image funny, jay, and neil image
this show is a comedy about four guys struggling through many awkward things as they grow up. this show can be pretty vulgar but is absolutely hilarious!

American Horror Story [ 7 Seasons ]

american horror story, tate, and ahs image Image removed
this show has a different storyline every season but the main theme is horror. if that's not your cup of tea then i suggest you not to watch it unless someone is with you. each season is pretty interesting but my favorites are murder house, coven, and hotel. although each season has a different storyline, they use pretty much the same cast and it's a pretty interesting concept.

The Fosters [ 5 Seasons ]

maia mitchell, the fosters, and cierra ramirez image Image by dominicana princesa
this show is about two women who take in foster kids. the couple welcomes in callie and soon her younger siblings as well. this show is pretty great in the beginning although i wish they had made the storyline a little better flowing.

Parenthood [ 6 Seasons ]

parenthood image parenthood and mae whitman image
this show centers around four adult siblings and their families. as their mother and father struggle, they have their own struggles and lean on one another for support. this show is very heartwarming and at times will one hundred percent make you cry. i reccomend this show to everyone out there honestly!

Drop Dead Diva [ 6 Seasons ]

photoshoot, tv show, and april bowlby image Image removed
this show is about a vain, skinny, blonde woman who gets in an accident and dies. at the gates of heaven, she presses the return button and is returned back to earth, but not as herself. instead, she comes back as the 'overweight' and average looking jane who is a very smart lawyer. the storyline is crazy and will definitely pull you in!

Weeds [ 8 Seasons ]

weeds image weeds and nancy botwin image
this show is about a white suburban mom named nancy who gets involved with selling dime bags to make ends meet after her husband dies and she's left taking care of her two sons. the storyline on this one is absolutely wild and i would suggest only mature audiences watch this one!

Chewing Gum [ 2 Seasons ]

british, bubblegum, and comedy image
this show is about an adult woman named tracey who is a virigin and who meets a guy named connor who she really likes. this show is funny and pretty interesting but i would suggest this show be watched by a mature audience!

Anne With An "E" [ 2 Seasons ]

Inspiring Image on We Heart It house, nature, and autumn image
this show is about an orphaned child who is hoping to find a family in this placed called green gables. this show is based on a book and is really, really interesting. the cinematography is absolutely stunning and the characters are really amazing.

The End of The F✴✴✴ing World [ 1 Season ]

alex lawther, jessica barden, and Alyssa image Image removed
this show is about a boy plotting his first real murder when he meets a girl named alyssa who wants to run away. when i first started watching this show, i couldn't stop!

Orange is The New Black [ 6 Seasons ]

orange is the new black, oitnb, and alex vause image behind the scene, cast, and jail image
this show is centered around a bunch of women in prison. it's pretty interesting watching their backstories and learning how each of these women got there.

Switched at Birth [ 5 Seasons ]

Image by 🕊 Temporarily removed
this show is about two families whose entire world is flipped upside down when they find out their teenage daughters are not actually their own. the two girls were switched by accident at the hospital they were born in and were given to the wrong family. daphne is deaf due to a sickness she had when she was younger and bay is edgy and doesn't fit in with her family.

Young and Hungry [ 5 Seasons ]

hand holding, jonathan sadowski, and emilie osment image freeform, young & hungry, and young and hungry image
this show is about a food blogger who is absolutely desperate to get a job doing what she loves most! this show is hilarious and is very easy to watch again and again.

The Carrie Diaries [ 2 Seasons ]

the carrie diaries image the carrie diaries, bag, and carrie image
this show is the prequel to the infamous 'sex and the city.' honestly, i've never seen it, but the carrie diaries can be watched completely on its own! it's about the life of teenager carrie bradshaw as she struggles as she leads a double life. she's both a high schooler and pretending to be an adult in the fashion industry! also, this show is set in the 80's and that was an interesting time in fashion! sadly, this show was canceled a while back which is very tragic because this show was absolutely incredible!
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