Hi, my name is Taylor, I love writing (mostly informational). I just like learning and spreading information, but am also well aware that most people don't enjoy learning about people like Billy the Kid or big drug lords. I mean, I have a few things I could write about. Like love stories, aesthetics, music, movies, or media, and if you did want, history or certain people. To be honest I don't know if you can comment on these things, so if you can't, I'll find a way to get opinions somehow. I like the other stuff people post about. I don't own my a computer though, it's my family one. Speaking of family, i could write about my own life, or advice. But any who, that means I won't be able to write all the time. My parents are divorced too and there is only a laptop at my mom's, so that may be a problem. I've only been writing for a couple of minutes and already like it. So I probably will be writing more. This isn't very good though, mostly because it's my current thoughts. Thanks if you read, I don't think anyone did though, lol.