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If you're into travelling and want to visit more than one city although you have just a little time: Here's a short guide how you can spend your time in South West England.

1st Day: Bristol

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the colourful city Bristol is famous for it's Harbourside

Bristol is a very colourful city which has a lot to offer:

-At the Harbourside you can have coffee with an amazing view to lovely boats and to the river Avon.

-Stokes Croft is famous for it's graffiti and street art

-The University of Bristol is absolutely worth a visit:
You have to visit the Royal Ford Gardens as well as the Wills Memorial Library (You'll feel like as you're in Hogwarts haha)

> I'm currently studying at the UOB and I love it!

-The city centre offers a lot of typical english pubs (I'm definitely into pub crawls)

2nd Day: Bath

You can go by train from Bristol to Bath
(it just takes you 12 minutes by train to get to Bath)

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the Roman Baths and historic buildings

Bath is famous for the Roman Baths, which is kind of a museum: It's definitely worth a visit!

-In this city are also a lot of lovely buildings and coffee shops you should visit

- The Royal Victoria Park is also a place you shouldn't miss

- The city is perfect to do some shopping because it has a small centre where you can walk from shop to shop (don't forget to get yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks during your shopping-trip haha)

3rd Day: Salisbury /Stonehenge

You can go by train from Bath to Salisbury, which takes you about an hour.

Salisbury is fame for it's historic buildings and it is located close to the famous prehistoric monument Stonehenge

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Salisbury has many lovely stores / Stonehenge

- Your first stop should be the lovely city centre, where you can take a walk through it's narrow streets and probably to do some shopping at it's pretty stores
(don't miss the sweets store - it's awesome and offers Harry Potter's butter-beer: a must-have!)

- Head on to the Cathedral of Salisbury - it looks really beautiful and the little park in front of it is perfect to take some pictures

- If you have enough time take the bus from the city centre to Stonehenge: It takes you about 30 minutes by bus to get to this monument - but it's absolutely worth a visit!

I hope I could give you an idea of planning a short trip to South-West England :)

Have a good day! xx

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