The time has come and I’m here sitting on a bench waiting for him. My face sweats and I’m quite warm. My fingers touching each other and I can feel the blood fluctuating in my system, whilst I struggle to cross my legs and as thighs are so inflexible in these cargo black trousers . The cool wind brushes my hair and my temperature slowly drops to a stage of coolness. Wondering. Left or right. Which way will he appear from. Am I overdressed, not dressed well enough. Doubts. But I fear not and straighten my back. Confidence, and presence.
I uncross my legs and arrange my hair which is long but waxy from the tones of products I’ve used in order to try and fixate it . But I failed and it’s even messier. But I lay back and relax. My phone is buzzing. Here is the big moment , he is calling me. I pick up the phone and my voice trembles a little bit. Then I hear his deep voice greeting me and all my doubts disappear. A sudden rush of excitement travels through my body. I want to see him. I want to touch him. And here he was. Masculine, handsome, elegant but sporty. Better then what I’ve remembered. Four months ago we were strangers but today we unite. His hug warm. His tone calm and cocky. I’m nervous, but I tried to keep it cool.
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