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Junk food is life. Isn't it?

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look at that devilish meal

I really do enjoy a nice burger or two... But how to let that stuff go?

How do you break up with junk food?

Well, first of all, think about your health!
Delicious that's or not, it's f***ing bad for you!

If you ate junk food every day for like a month think what would happen to you in general. Now let's be real. Even if you do it once a week it's still pretty bad cause.

Skin problems

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oily food can be a reason you get acne all the time.

Lack of energy

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Unfit body

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No offense to anyone! All bodies are nice, but if you are trying to lose weight cut that junk out of your diet.

Heart problems

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EVEN lower self-esteem

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Really, it does make your emotions different. Junk food keeps you happy for the moment you eat it, but later it can make things worse.

Now let me tell you how we fix this.

Eat more healthy food, so you would get used to it.

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Don't go to places that sell junk food.

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Bye Bye

Cook at home more.

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Think, how much could your body improve if you didn't eat it.

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Just don't. It's a waste of money.

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Or you know what? YOLO go get a burger.

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