golden blonde hair, framing her face, and a few pieces billowed in the air behind her, making her seem even more wondrous.
a fragile, floral dress flowed elegantly behind her, silhouetting her hourglass shape.
black eyeliner outlining her oceanic eyes, making her look like the queen that everyone considers her.
she twirled gracefully, making the skirt of her delicate dress ripple and dance in the soft breeze.
a small smile was settled on her red glossed lips.
the type of smile that made someone fall head over heels in love.
the type of smile that seemed too real to be true.
“perfect.” the photographer said, taking a final photo before putting down his equipment.
the smile disappeared from her lips as soon as she heard the last click.
the soft breeze stopped, her dress was still. Everything was still.
her dress no longer seemed gorgeously pink and green, like the colors that you’d see in a flower garden; it was more melancholy than before, seeming to show the flowers as their petals fell and their reputation of beauty faded away.
the studio, once full of energy and people, cleared out, leaving the star alone in the large room.
the camera that the photographer had used was still there, sitting perfectly on its tripod.
she looked through the photos, critiquing herself.
she noticed when her gentle smile faltered.
she saw through her own mask.
she saw the unhappy girl that she once was.
then, she picked up the camera herself.
she didn’t delete the old photos, no matter how much she wanted to.
instead, she took new ones.
she was smiling, a reflection of how she felt.
they were new photos, of the new her.