Wow, I feel basic, you probably don’t care about my skincare routine lmao
But, if you do, then keep readinggg;

First, if I’m wearing any makeup (which is like, like, rarely. Lmao I just like mascara), I wash that off.

Thennn, I wash my face with a soy face cleanser from Fresh.

Nexttt, I do an Origins charcoal facemask, if I feel fAncy/if I need it (it just helps clear out pores and stufffff). I leave the facemask on for 7 minutes exactly because you needa be precise or else your face will probably explode (I think I’m funny).

Aaaand, then, if I need them, I do these Peach Slice acne dot thingies overnight.

I also moisturize n shit.

By the way, don't do the Origins mask everynight. I usually do it twice, or three times, a week.

Oh, and I do this all while listening to Taylor Swift and Dear Evan Hansen.

byebyebye i hope this helps you if you actually do itttt :)